Approaches to take while designing a website to boost start-ups

Website design can give your business online presence and works as face of the organization on search engines.

October 13, 2021

Believe it or not Your online business reputation depends on the way you designed your business website. Your business website is the first impression of your services to the consumers online. Hence it is very important to well structure your website and show your services in more efficient way. Your website design has the power to bring or loss your consumers from your business. So in this blog we will discuss the primary things to take care while designing any website.

While choosing your domain make sure to have website domain name related to the service of business and it will be bounce if you can have keyword in your domain name itself. So the very first step is to choose proper domain name. While designing any website make sure to have absolutely clean design which can show the services and all the required things very clearly. Clean design will give positive user experience and will ultimately result in good seo (Search Engine Optimisation) results. While designing any website it is very important to choose proper color and textures according to your services. With the proper selection of color and textures you can make even attractive website and also can give professional look to the website according to the services which can give good impression to the visitors.

The very important part to consider when designing any website is branding. It is very important to place the perfect logo of a particular brand. Logo of your brand represent your business identity so it is very important to design perfect logo according to your services and the way you want to represent your services.

Functionality and navigation is also very important thing to consider while designing any website. There are multiple of things you need to consider while designing any website like multiple pages of website for example home page, about us, contact, service pages. Before starting work on it you need to function all things in rhythm that how to start where to place which page and how to differentiate services. So functionality is also very important. Now Your home page must contain all the details of your company and primary information about your services. Here it is very important to navigate your service from home page to the service pages. It is very beneficial in terms of seo as well as user experience.

As well as it is equally important to add call to action. This kind of buttons are very important particularly on contact us and related pages. For example, in contact us page you can add button of call. This is beneficial in terms of users or any brand who need to contact the organisation.

Now the major important thing while designing website is that design the website in such a way that can load in sort time. Website loading time should be short. Now this depends on many things for example place your images of small size, if you want video on your website work on it and decrease the size of video with good quality. Content management also plays important role in it. Like proper use of content on proper page with necessary distribution of keywords on all pages specially service pages are also very important. Consider content part of the website the most important part of it. Remember to have original and organic content. Your content also has the power to connect the audiences to the services. Now if we are talking about content then any website must contain blog page. There is no better way to show your business services than with the use of blogs. In website create a different page of blogs. And place the blogs related to your services. This will help you connect with the more audiences.

Always remember that use SEO (Search engine optimisation) friendly code for your website. Use plugins which are seo friendly. This will help your website to have good connection with search engine. Mobile sites vs responsive site is also one of the very important parameter of designing website.

Now a day’s social platforms are also very important to populate your services. So your website integration with social media is also very important. One this is always recommended to add into website is to have customer testimonials. This section is also very important. Your website security is also very important so for that you can use Google+ auto verification, Captcha test etc. And at the last sitemaps are also equally important for any website. When you start reading any book and realise that table of content is the very important part same way sitemaps for any websites are equally important.

Your online reputation is our responsibility!

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